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adidas / duben 15, 2021
Stan Smith Mylo™: Made Using Mushrooms

Stan Smith Mylo™, adidas’ latest concept shoe, introduces a mushroom-based material.

adidas / březen 08, 2021
The Three Loop Strategy: adidas’ Plan To Help End Plastic Waste

As we know, we have a problem: the plastic that is clogging up our oceans, killing wildlife, and poisonously seeping into everything we consume. With innovation, we have the means to help end plastic ...

adidas / březen 01, 2021
How We Turn Plastic Bottles into Shoes: Our Partnership with Parley for the Oceans

Plastic waste is a problem that has been sidelined for too long, and it’s time to turn things around. At adidas, we are changing the game with innovation. In 2015, we introduced the first ever running...

adidas / únor 09, 2021
The Problem of Plastic Waste: Why We Need To Act Now

Plastic waste is a problem, and innovation is the solution. At adidas, we’re making changes to end plastic waste, and you can join us on the journey.

adidas / leden 26, 2021

5. silueta navržená ve spolupráci s Jamesem Hardenem přináší zcela novou technologii, díky které se boty přizpůsobí tvým pohybům jako nikdy předtím.

adidas / listopad 17, 2020

Nové možnosti s novým svrškem: představujeme inovativní textilní technologii, která změní způsob výroby bot.

adidas / září 21, 2020
by Dan Southam
Major Champion and 5 time LPGA Tour winner Danielle Kang talks golf fashion and creating your own way to play golf

Playing your own way, breaking down dress code conformity and getting friends to play golf - Social Media creator and beginner golfer Mia Baker joins US Open Champion Danielle on Zoom to discuss what ...

adidas / srpen 13, 2020
What to Avoid After Running: Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes

When you run, you subject your body to intense training stimulus. Your muscles are challenged, the joints work harder, and your brain is in overdrive, because you have to concentrate on every step. As...

adidas / červenec 31, 2020

Gear up to hit the trails around your city again

adidas / červen 29, 2020
Jak se Mary Keitany podílela na vývoji neuvěřitelně rychlé běžecké obuvi adidas adizero Pro

Celý život 38leté hvězdy maratonů, Mary Keitany, by se dal shrnout jedním slovem: odhodlání.

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